Meet the Columbine Team!

Richard Kuehster is the founder/owner of Columbine Kitchen and Bath, and ensures the company maintains the principles and quality that allowed its growth for almost 40 years. He currently manages all shop work and scheduling, in addition to overseeing and assisting the office employees, providing input on complicated plans, and utilizing his extensive knowledge of the industry to help ensure the future of the company.

Victoria is our office manager as well as assistant commercial estimator and residential designer. With a degree in sociology she is able to help identify the needs of her clients. She is also a master at figuring out how to make any space meet its maximum functionality. She is no stranger to small spaces and maximizing the space available while maintaining comfort.

Tammie is our design assistant. She has a gift for color and vision.  She likes to take your vision and make it a reality.  Customers love her attention to detail and excellent customer service.  With a background in Real Estate Staging and Design, she is always ready to help… No kitchen too big or small!

Kevin is our shop manager. If there is a problem in the field to be solved, he can do it. His extensive knowledge and experience ensure that the dreams we create in the office are realized in the field. As a senior team member at Columbine there is nothing he hasn't seen or done.

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