Our Process

We will guide you through every step of the remodeling process.  

Let our experienced team help you navigate your way to a beautiful new kitchen or bathroom

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    Your Desires

    Accumulate a collection of notes, magazine pictures, and/or sketches that will help convey your needs and desires to us. We will give you a tour of our showroom to view our product lines and displays. After reviewing your information and discussing your ideas, we will show you numerous digital photos of our past projects that are similar. This information and your photos will help us get a feel for your overall project scope

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    Call our office to schedule a consultation. Our designer will visit your home to measure the space, take our own photos, and get more familiar with your family's lifestyle and surroundings. We may require a design retainer based on the size and complexity of the project. This amount is later applied towards the project cost.

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    After review of all the information, we will help establish an appropriate budget (Estimate) for your project. We specialize in kitchen and bath design and remodeling therefore, our estimates are realistically based on the information of our meeting and similar past projects

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    In order to produce a proposal (a realistic cost for the project) we must design the space. This includes cabinet, electrical, plumbing, and framing considerations. All products that are used in the project must also be specified and their respective quantities noted.

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    After we visit your home, we will schedule a presentation in our showroom within two weeks. At this presentation, there will be design drawings of your project, and specifically selected products that coordinate with the overall design. In conjunction, there will be a written “scope of work” that describes in detail the work to be performed along with preliminary cost figures. From there, we will modify the design, product selections, and scope of work in order to achieve both the desired look and budget for your project. This refining usually takes one to three meetings after our initial presentation depending on the scope of the project. The details are too important to rush.

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    Contract & Deposit

    After the design, product selection, and scope of work have been determined, a final contract document, specifically stating these items is produced. At this time, a deposit of 50% is collected, all product is scheduled for ordering, and your project is assigned a projected date for installation.

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    Pre-construction Meeting

    Within a few weeks prior to the start of your project, our designer which is also the project manager, will meet with you at your home for a pre-construction meeting. At this time, job site details such as: product delivery, home access, jobsite protection, and scheduling will be discussed.

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    Work Begins

    This is the working phase of the project. The length of this phase can vary on the size and scope of your project. Throughout this phase, you will become very well acquainted with our personable in-house craftsman. You will also see your designer/project manager stop by at frequent intervals to assure all the details are carried out as planned.

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    Project Completion

    During this phase of the project all the details and remaining items come together to complete the finished look. At this time, increased job site visits and effective communication help bring the project to a close in a timely manner.

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