We offer numerous products for any kitchen and bath need.

We offer a range of counter top products to suit your needs! From plastic laminate to granite, or recycled glass tops to butcher blocks - we've got it all! Check out the list of manufacturers we carry! Call us or email us and we can help you with whatever you want!

Builder-grade cabinets will provide with many options to bring new life to your kitchen or bathroom. These options are budget friendly, but don't compromise style and elegance. While they are a more budget friendly option they are still sure to impress your guests.

Mid to high end cabinets will take your home remodel to the next level. Many of these lines offer several customization options and allow for a little more customization as far as the construction is concerned. After taking a look through the manufacturers products it will be clear that these will bring in all the "wow" factor you were looking for.

Columbine Kitchen and Bath has access to a wide variety of plumbing parts and accessories. We can incorporate unique products into your kitchen and bathroom designs that will enhance the functionality and exemplify the beauty of the room. Whether you are interested in eco-friendly toilets, "Touch-2-O" faucets or glass tubs, we are here for you.

Columbine Kitchen and Bath is committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations, as well as helping our clients complete their projects as smoothly as possible. Our long-standing professional relationships with other firms in the industry helps us accomplish that goal. Below is a list of allied professionals who we are confident will provide you with the best service possible.

We can also provide a myriad of other products to help you achieve the look and functionality of your space. Lighting, towel warmers, and plumbing fixtures are just some of the products we can provide.

Columbine Kitchen and Bath is your “eco-friendly” Headquarters! Whether you are a conscientious home owner trying to make the world a better place, or a savvy contractor trying to secure government incentive money, we have the products you need. Below you will find a list of Earth-friendly construction materials that can help transform your project into a unique work of art.

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