Garage Storage Solutions You Must Have

Declutter your garage and create a space you love to play and work in.

Whether you want a place to hang out, work on cars, or just simply park garage storage is essential.  I am sure no one intends for their garage to become the catch all space in their home.  It seems odd that we all are guilty of stashing our “stuff” in the garage so that the house maintains a neat uncluttered appearance.  However, have you considered that anytime your garage door that the whole neighborhood can see the clutter and mess.  Not to mention the space becomes much less functional.  Don’t fear this isn’t the end.  Creative garage designs can increase your functionality and ensure you can take pride when that door opens.

Up Up and Away

Walls and Ceilings provide valuable real estate for storage.

One huge problem is that everything gets gathered on the ground.  But your garage has much more to offer.  Hanging items on the wall or even in the rafters will give you back the much needed floor space.  Slat Walls can help accomplish this without having to commit to certain dimensions.  With a slat wall you can move hooks around to fit your needs at the time and can be changed up whenever the need arises.

Out of Sight Out of Mind

There is no better way to organize than giving everything a place.

Cabinetry will help clear the clutter and help with efficiency.  Having a place to store certain items out of sight will add to the overall feel of the space not to mention the functionality it will provide.  Make sure you don’t overdo it though.  You will want to save space for a work bench and a place to hang tools and larger items.  Make sure you plan for some open wall space when you design the space and buy cabinetry.


Lighting will allow you to utilize your garage day or night.

While a lot of the ways to make your garage an overall better place to be lighting is also important.  Make sure you consider the functionality of the space.  If you will often be wrenching on things or woodworking you want to make sure you have proper lighting in the appropriate areas.  Also make sure that there is enough light to be able to find things in your new cabinets.  Lighting will not only encourage that the space is used according to your goals it will help to define the space.


going with something other than concrete will give your garage a more inviting look and feel.

If you plan to spend  lot of time in your garage or even have a group over for wrenching or to just hang out you may want to consider the flooring.  If you will be standing a lot you might want to consider mats in the garage.  Standing for long periods on concrete can cause all kinds of issues for you.

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