The Secret of a Successful Kitchen or Bath Remodel – Part 3

Demo can be messy and inconvenient, but keep your eye on the prize.

You have planned and begun work on your dream kitchen or bath remodel. The demolition is done or nearly done.  Living in a construction zone is hard.  Maybe its louder or messier than you imagined.  While you can see the light at the end of the tunnel you can’t quite tell how far away that light is.

In our previous 2 parts of this series we have talked about the planning and preparation parts of the process to remodel your space.  We are almost done, life will get back to normal shortly in all its beauty.


It is a mess but it is starting to take shape.

You have taken everything out of your existing bathroom or kitchen.  You are fully invested at this point and there is no way to turn back now.  Before your new cabinets are installed you should make sure everything else is ready to go.  In order to template your counter tops you will need to have your sink purchased and on site.  Your designer and contractor will be able to talk to you about the steps needed to ready your space for the big day.

A team of installers will likely be delivering and installing your cabinets.  If you chose to work with an all-inclusive firm they will have already coordinated with the counter top fabricator.  In most cases the template can be done on the 2nd day of installation unless the installers feel like only having one day to get the base cabinets in is unrealistic.  They know how frustrating it can be when one trade is behind schedule and then everyone needs to adjust so they are focused on setting a realistic time line.

Be prepared, there will more than likely be a hiccup. This will manifest differently in each job.  Remember that in any remodel or renovation you have several moving parts that are all relying on other moving parts to accomplish the final project.

Although there are so many moving parts, at all levels there should be a plan in place to minimize the inconvenience of the inevitable hiccups.

The Big Day

In all the chaos the things going on around you can be really interesting. The counter top template process is just one of the fascinating things going on here.

When the team arrives to install your kitchen, you will be unable to access the space until installation is done.  Make sure that you are taking into account inconveniences during the time between demolition and instillation. Generally, the installation team will try and put things back together as much as is possible before they leave for the day.  Ideally, they prefer to get the installation complete on the first day and maybe just come back on the second day to install the fine details.

The counter top folks will come in with their laser and template your kitchen or bathroom.  If you have never watched this before it is quite amazing to see.  Once the template is complete it takes about 2 weeks in most cases, to fabricate the surface and install your new counter top.  You must keep your base cabinets empty for the counter top installation.   Talk with your designer or contractor about the possibility of hooking a temporary sink until your counter tops are installed.


Dreams can come true. Now all that is left is to enjoy.

The last thing left to do is sit back take it all in and enjoy.  You are now able to feel and touch what not so long ago was just a dream.  You earned it.  Cook a family dinner or take that long-deserved soak.  This is the best part of  this process.

Embarking on a kitchen or bath remodel can be a stressful and scary process.  Hopefully armed with knowledge of how it works before you begin will allow you to take it all in and enjoy this really exciting process.  If you have questions or want to talk with us about starting your remodel project we are happy to talk with you.  Contact us here or on Facebook

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