Hidden Design Inspiration From Harry Potter

Bringing the magic of Harry Potter home by incorporating these great inspired designs.

It has been nearly 2 decades since J.K. Rowling introduced us to Harry Potter.  In awe, inspiring persistence we are still in love with the wizarding world.  The question is how can we get the look?  I have compiled a list of the styles brought to us with some application for today.


Traditional Kitchen with a Dursley vibe.

The Dursleys are most certainly not the heroes of the story but since they had a style that can speak to many.  Their home brought visions of dark wood features mixed with floral patterns, and pastel colors.  I imagine there were bronze or gold finishes as well as a clean contrasting counter top.


Embrace your inner Weasley with this Bohemian look.

The Weasley’s are quite the opposite of the Dursleys in pretty much every way possible.  They had a busy home full of gadgets.  However, they had a warm inviting environment.  To accomplish this think wood tops, colorful cabinetry and a bit of this and that.  Deep, rich jewel tones create the environment that we feel as we read about the home we all wish to visit.

Steam Punk

Industrial Steam Punk design screams Hogwarts.

Most of the common rooms and offices at Hogwarts conjures visions of rich wood tones with bronzes and a splash of antique inspiration.  Think rustic lodge meets industrial vibe.  Copper and concrete.


In small spaces organization and light colors will give you a spacious feel.

In the end, we watch as our gang of heroes lives in a tent that has all the creature comforts needed to forget the part where you are in a tent.  I think it had to have lots of great and creative storage.  Any furniture that might have been there would have been very neutral and served multiple purposes.


Cozy cottage design will give you the same relaxing feeling of Shell Cottage.

The short time that we spent in Shell Cottage I felt like the vibe would be very much like a green house.  Plants everywhere and light colors with wonderful warm natural light.  Think whites and tans with natural pops of color.

So, regardless of your design personality there are plenty of ways to channel your inner wizard and bring the magic into your spaces.

What would your Harry Potter design include?  Let us know on Facebook.

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