Man Caves For Every Man

It is natural human nature to want a space of your own to escape the worries and everyday hustle and bustle of life.  It only makes sense that one of the dream projects for many men is a man cave.  The term man cave is a broad one so here are some ideas for your new escape.


Man Caves Located in Englewood, Colorado

There are several options for where you can create this space.  The most obvious are the basement, den or garage.  However, with the growing popularity of the man cave there are new spaces popping up.  Here in Denver there are complexes of storage units that are sold and then they are fitted to meet the goals of the owner.  One example is the property rightfully called Man Caves in Englewood, Colorado.

Classic Game Room

Keep it mellow and classic with a billiards room.

Now that you know where your space will be you must decide what type of space you want to achieve.  For some they may want to keep it classic.  A room with lots of cabinets and shelves maybe a desk.  The space will include a pool table and likely have rich leather chairs.

Modern Game Room

A media room that is comfortable and stocked with snacks is perfect for even the most hardcore gamer.

For those not really interested in the classic the man cave might provide space to spend time playing call of duty.  This space will need a large flat screen T.V. comfortable seating for hours of game play.  Don’t forget the kitchen area to grab snacks without having to go too far from the game.

In House Pub

Its hard to go wrong with a pub in your house.

This theme would certainly accommodate the most versatile space.  First a foremost this area will need a bar with all the bells and whistles.  A T.V. or two for Sunday.  A poker table and various other seating options.  This space might include a pool table and dart board.

Super Garage

Gear heads would love to escape to their garage for some “me time”

For the gear head the ideal space to escape to is going to have to include the ability to wrench on cars.  A seating are with a T.V. a fridge for drinks and plenty of space for the cars.  These spaces demand cabinets and organization.

There is truly no end to the options you have available to create your own man cave.


What is your man cave must have?

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